Let’s refresh

Marketing MOT

What I’m doing is working, it just needs a refresh…

We can help!

We can work with you to understand where you are right now, where you want to go and how you can mix up your marketing to achieve that.

We will:

  • review your current marketing activity against your goals
  • work out what’s working well and what needs refreshing
  • set new goals (if needed) and make a clear plan of what activity is needed to achieve each goal
  • set targets and milestones to give you structure in your plan
  • build in reviews to keep you on track and accountable

And in all of this, we make sue that whatever we do is built with your business goals in mind.

How it all works:

  • you get in touch to let us know you’re interested
  • we send you a quick questionnaire to complete so we can understand a little more about you
  • you send the questionnaire back
  • we do some research and put together an audit of your current marketing
  • we schedule a 2 hour catch up (or two 1 hour catch ups) to go through the audit and start to build plans
  • we provide a summary of the catch up and add milestones, where necessary, to keep you on track

We can also provide ongoing support to implement your plans or support you along the way – whatever suits you and your business!

To find out more about how we can help to refresh your marketing, get in touch.

We can help you build a marketing plan that takes you where you want to go.